Lawn Bowls

Venue Arrival Team Officials Meeting Event Start Date Event End Date Departure
CIAL Golf Course 30/01/2015 31/01/2015 01/02/2015 09/02/2015 10/02/2015

Medal Events in Lawn Bowls(for 35th National Games, Kerala)


Sl.No  Lawn Bowls
1 Men Fours
2 Men Pairs
3 Men Singles
4 Men Triple
5 Women Fours
6 Women Pairs
7 Women Singles
8 Women Triple



Lawn Bowls - 2015 National Games

2011 National Games Medal Tally of Lawn Bowls


Teams Gold Sliver Bronze Total


4 2 2 8


3 2 2 7


1 3 4 8

Arunachal Pradesh

0 1 2 3

West Bengal

0 0 2 2


0 0 2 2


0 0 1 1


0 0 1 1


Bowls or lawn bowls is normally played outdoors on natural grass, but it can also be played on artificial turf, or cotula (in New Zealand). This is a sport where biased balls are rolled to stop very near a smaller ball, "jack" or "kitty". The pitch, on which it’s played, may be flat, convex or uneven.



Bowling has been mentioned in a 12th century biography of Thomas Beckett under the name jactuslapidum, The royal library at Windsor has a manuscript with a drawing showing two players aiming at a small cone. Southampton Old Bowling Green is supposed to be the world's oldest existing Bowling Green and believed to have been first used in 1299.


The game eventually lost its credibility and faced bans and restrictions in the ensuing centuries. But by the 1800s, the game earned back its respectability. Now, more than 40 countries play this sport, and it’s official home as a modern sport is still Edinburgh.



Bowling came into the Olympic list in 1930, and has been contested in all the games except in the 1966 Games.