Venue Arrival Team Officials Meeting Event Start Date Event End Date Departure
Squash Court 30/01/2015 31/01/2015 01/02/2015 04/02/2015 05/02/2015

Medal Events in Squash(for 35th National Games, Kerala)


Sl.No Squash
1 Men Singles
2 Women Singles



Squash - 2015 National Games

2011 National Games Medal Tally of Squash







Tamil Nadu

2 2 1 5


0 0 2 2

Madhya Pradesh

0 0 1 1


Squash is a racquet sport, with singles and doubles games played with a hollow rubber ball in a four-walled court. The players take turns to strike the ball with their racquet and smack the ball to the playable surfaces of the four walls of the court instead of against each other.



Squash's uses stringed racquets as in tennis, but is descended more from the racquets, a game played in England. In "racquets" too, the players hit a squeezable ball onto walls.


Squash came up from the Harrow School around the 1830s, from the game racquets. It soon grew in popularity and became internationally loved as a sport. Like, the tennis racquets, squash racquets have also changed over time to being lighter and to using synthetic strings.



Squash is recognized by the IOC and efforts are on for inclusion of Squash in a future Olympic program.