Venue Arrival Team Officials Meeting Event Start Date Event End Date Departure
Cherai Beach 30/01/2015 31/01/2015 01/02/2015 05/02/2015 06/02/2015

Medal Event in Yachting(for 35th National Games, Kerala)


Sl.No Yachting
1 Laser Standard



Yachting - 2015 National Games

Yachting is a sporting event using water vessels or yachts. The Dutch term Jacht meaning "hunt", is said to be the origin of the word yacht. It is said to refer to a light and swift sailing vessel used by the Dutch Navy to hunt pirates. Charles II of England is said to have used this vessel to carry him to Britain from Holland for his restoration, and hence the prestige associated with it.


The racing of sailing boats has its origins in Netherlands in the 17th century. Soon custom-built yachts emerged in England, The 1851 race between the Royal Yacht Squadron in Cowes and the American yacht America at Solent resulted in America winning the race and taking the trophy, the America's Cup, to the U.S. It was held by the New York Yacht Club till 1983, after which the Royal Perth Yacht Club of Australia, won when it entered the Australia II into the contest.



There are several recognised classes of racing yachts, from small dinghies up to huge maxi yachts. Racing vessels can generally be classified into the larger yachts, with facilities for extended voyages, and smaller ones like dinghies and skiffs. Smaller boats are not called yachts, but all recreational boats are yachts. Yacht racing and dinghy racing are common events where there are favourable wind conditions and access to bodies of water. Yachting is usually conducted in salt water, but smaller craft are raced on freshwater bodies like lakes and rivers. Dinghy races are held on sheltered water, the sailing crafts are smaller and the crew is just 1-3 people.



Yachting or Sailing as it’s called now, has been an Olympic event since the 1896 Athens Games and has been contested in every Olympics except in 1904. Gender was never an issue in this event, and there were women participating in the regattas even in 1900. The first women’s event in sailing happened in 1988.

Great Britain leads the Olympic sailing medal ranking table.

Event classes of the sport

  1.  Star(Only for Men)( not in 2016 games)
  2.  Finn( Only for Men)
  3.  470(Both Men & Women)
  4.  Laser(Only for Men)
  5.  49er(Only for Men)
  6.  RS:X (Men & Women)
  7.  Laser Radial(Only for Women)
  8.  Elliot 6m (Only for Women)( not in 2016 Games)
  9.  49er FX (Only for Women)(new in 2016 Games)
  10.  Nacra 17 (Mixed)