Medical Facilities at National Games Venues

The Medical and Anti-Doping Committee of the NGOC has made elaborate arrangements at par with International Olympic Committee requirements at all the venues of the National Games. The Medical team is qualified and trained with all necessary equipment and support facilities to meet any emergencies and exigencies. Medical service providers of all venues identified are competent and acclaimed and an MOU is signed with NGS to usher in dedicated and totally free Medical service, whereas the service provider is privileged to advertise and brand the space they occupy in the National Games arena.


Directorate of Health Services (DHS) and Directorate of Medical Education (DME) and the Private Medical Service Providers have joined together to coordinate the Medical needs at state level. Respective District Medical Officers (DMOs) in each of the District venues shall be coordinating the activities at their respective District with the people’s participation under the Medical and Anti-Doping Committee.  


Services shall be provided at the Games arena, Spectators’ gallery and at the Medical centre at all venues. Cases which require further medical assistance shall be shifted to the referral Hospitals nearby, where a dedicated OP and duty Doctor as well as Specialists have been specially assigned to attend Games casualties.


10 to 15 dedicated and accredited health personnel shall be deployed at each Games venue for Medical support depending on the number of participating athletes and spectators. A minimum of two doctors, four nurses, stretcher bearers and specialist Doctors like Orthopaedics, Dental Surgeons etc. according to the nature of the sports held at the venue. Each venue is also equipped with two Ambulances, required equipment, medicines and first-aid supplies.


A full-fledged Mini Hospital with 20 Beds with a mini Operation theatre and Super speciality services viz. Cardiology, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Surgery and Orthopaedics are being envisaged to provide round the clock Medical services from 27th January to 15th February 2015.


A Medical and Anti-Doping control centre to coordinate the services of Medical and Anti-Doping Committee and to meet all emergent exigencies at Trivandrum with a 24 Hour service Hotline linkage with all Service providers in all District Venues is also arranged.



  • State Medical Coordinator & Additional DHS:  Dr.Ramani

  • Executive Coordinator- Medical & Anti-Doping Committee: Dr.S.G.Churchin Ben