Transportation Procedures



Arrival and Departure Procedures


The arrival and departure procedures are suitably designed to assist athletes and officials to pass through the processes as smoothly and quickly as possible. Standard processes will be followed as much as possible, nevertheless Reception Committee of NGOC may further assist athletes and officials for specific needs if required.





The transport system will provide the following transport services for accredited athletes and team officials, including their accompanying baggage and sport equipment.

  • Arrival and departure services between the official port of entry in Kerala, co- host cities and NGOC’s official accommodation sites. Full range of arrival and departure services will be provided at Airports and Railway Stations.
  • Training and competition services between NG official accommodation sites and official competition and training venues.
  • Services for accredited additional team officials between their official accommodation sites and the Games village.
  • Ceremonies services.


Chefs De Mission


Chefs De Mission will have dedicated vehicles.



Athlete and Team official


Transport services to training and competition sites for athletes and team officials have been planned to support:

  • Arrivals for warm-up and preparation pre-sessions
  • Arrivals and departures during the session time
  • Departures immediately after the session
  • Departures after the session following warm-down
  • Other requirements, such as doping control procedures.


Transport to Training Venues


From 30th January 2015 scheduled transport services will connect athletes regularly to designated training venues. Services will continue till the closure of each sport’s training session.



Transport to Competition Venues


Shuttle service to Competition venues will start approximately three hours prior to the start time of each event, with the last vehicle leaving the venue two hours after the start of such event.



Team Sports Vehicles


Each team will be allocated one team bus with driver to operate on a pre-agreed schedule during the training and competition period and will cease operations 24 hours after the team’s final competition. Team sports for which buses will be provided include Basketball, Football, Handball, Hockey, Volleyball and Water polo. Vehicles may only be used to travel to official competition and non-competition venues.



Equipment Vans


Equipment vans will be allocated to those SOAs (State Olympic Association) competing in team sports that have considerable equipment, as agreed with NGOC. These vans will be provided in addition to the team buses.



SOA dedicated vehicles


The number of dedicated vehicles allocated to each SOA will be confirmed at the Delegation Registration Meeting and will be based on the size of SOA delegation. The fleet will be a mix of cars (five seats) and multi-passenger vehicles (seven seats).