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The National Games Virtual Torch
A Virtual Torch is the digital version of the real flame that traditionally travels a long journey in the hands of leading sports personalities before it is transferred to the Games cauldron during the Opening ceremony of mega sports events.

The National Games Virtual Torch is a mobile App that serves to transfer the digital torch from mobile to mobile on a virtually unlimited travel across the globe. One can share the App to friends and acquaintances anywhere in the world through social media and get them to download the app, light the torch and thus become a virtual torch bearer. The App can be downloaded from the Play Store on your Android mobile and will give you a virtual torch, which can be lit by shaking/touching it on the screen.

The physical Games torch will be lit a few weeks before the Games, travel physically across many towns and cities and will be finally brought to Thiruvananthapuram just prior to the opening day of the Games on 31st January 2015

The virtual torch relay will hopefully provide a high-tech platform to unite all Indians across the world by making them light a flame digitally and virtually become a part of the National Games irrespective of where they are.


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Screen 1 – Logo and mascot of National Games. 


Screen 2 – First interactive screen. This screen displays some general information about the App and National Games. Select the country where you reside and the team you support for the National Games. Teams competing are state and union territories of India and the Services Sports Promotion Boards. Click on next to proceed to the next screen


Screen 3 – Click on the image of the torch or shake your phone to light up the torch. Lighting up the torch will flash a congratulating you and displays the number of torch bearers. At the top left of this screen you can find the mute/unmute button. The counter at the top displays the number of people who have ignited the torch. From this screen you can go to ‘Torch Hits’, ‘Share’ and ‘Find Us’. Taping on visit our website takes you to


Torch Hits Screen – Displays the number of torchbearers across different countries and number of supporters for each team


Share Screen – You can invite your friends and contacts to be a part of the National Games Torch Relay by sharing an invitation to download the App from play store. The share screen will list out all social media apps installed on your phone and you can invite through any of them


Find Us Screen – Displays links to the Official Facebook page, Twitter handle and Google Plus profile. Tapping on ‘Get Set Play’ displays screen



Mobile App designed and developed by IGLOO Innovations in consultation with NGOC.