Eligibility criteria


A. Eligibility of Teams


The best seven teams in the National Championships of respective sports held before 20th November 2014 are eligible to participate in the 35th National Games as a team. The eighth team entry shall be Kerala State, being the host State of the Games. If there is any departmental team except SSCB within the 8th position, that departmental team shall not be included and the next best State team shall be given the preference for being considered for qualification In case Kerala is in the first eight of the National Championship all the eight teams are eligible to participate in the National Games.


Respective National Sports Federations (NSF) shall identify the State teams/participants qualified / eligible to participate in the National Games and shall intimate the State unit/State Olympic Association (SOA) concerned and IOA on or before 25th November 2014.



B. Eligibility of Individual Athletes


For individual sports, an individual athlete who has been in the top eight positions in its latest National Championship is eligible to participate in the respective category of that sport. Further, the National Federations of the respective sports shall also have a fixed quota for athletes who they deem to be performing well.



Eligibility Code:

The Respective National Sports Federations, State Olympic Associations and State Sports Associations should inform their sportspersons the eligibility rules well in advance.


To be eligible for participating in the National Games, a competitor must observe and abide by the National Games rules of the IOA and in addition, the rules of the National Federation of the sports he/she represents.


A sportsperson can represent either the State to which he/she belongs by birth or the State in which he/she is working or residing at least for the last six (6) months immediately preceding the Opening Ceremony day of the National Games. Participating in the Games without meeting any of the above two criteria shall disqualify him/her from the National games.

In case of a Sportsperson employed in a State other than his/her State of birth and chooses to represent the state of birth, he/she should inform the State Association where he/she is working about his/her option at least two (2) months before the National Games, failing which he/she will not be allowed to represent his/her state of birth.



C. Sponsorship by SOA


The respective State Olympic Associations shall sponsor the State or Union Territory team or individual participant in the National Games. The State teams have to be selected by the State Sports Associations of the respective disciplines that are affiliated to the State Olympic Association and to the corresponding National Sports Federation concerned, which in turn must be affiliated to IOA.