Gujarat and Services grab triathlon honours

Pooja Chaurushi of Gujarat and Minachandra of SSCB won both individual and team gold medals in Triathlon at Trivendrum today as four events were completed in the morning hours, individual and team events for both men and women.

In the women’s event, as expected Pooja Chaurushi of Gujarat won gold clocking a time of 2:20.04 followed by Linthoingambi and Ch Rani Devi of Manipur, who finished in 2:24.39 and 2:28.38 respectively. Chaurushi also contributed to the win of her team Gujarat gold, teaming up with Pallavi Retiwala and Pragnya Mohan.

In the men’s event, Minachandra of SSCB won gold clocking a time of 1:57.02 followed by Dilip Kumar also from SSCB clocking 1:57.50. Bronze went to L.Mahesh of Manipur. The men’s team event was also won by SSCB, teamed by Minachandra and Dilip Kumar joined with Gurudatt Gharat, who together clocked 5:59.95 to win the gold. Silver and bronze went to Goa and Manipur respectively.

Triathlon events are to conclude tomorrow with mixed and relay events.

Monday, February 9, 2015