VKN Menon Indoor Stadium

Sport Arrival Team Officials Meeting Event Start Date Event End Date Departure
Weightlifting 30/01/2015 31/01/2015 01/02/2015 05/02/2015 06/02/2015
Judo 08/02/2015 09/02/2015 10/02/2015 13/02/2015 15/02/2015
VKN Menon Indoor Stadium, Thrissur

VKN Menon Indoor Stadium is owned by the District Sports Council, Thrissur. The National Games Secretariat has constructed an additional three storey building and renovated the Stadium by laying new maple wood flooring, introducing advanced acoustic facilities and intense arena lighting at a cost of Rs. 7.36 Crores.


Weightlifting and Judo competitions of the 35th National Games are scheduled at this Stadium from 1st - 5th February and 10th - 13th February, 2015 respectively.


During the Games this Stadium will be known as KARNAM MALLESWARI PLAZA in honor of Olympian Karnam Malleswari.